Dog Walking

Regular exercise is crucial to ensuring the health, happiness and longevity of a dog’s life. Don’t let a busy and hectic lifestyle get in the way of providing your best friend with the exercise, and fun that they deserve! Our responsible dog walkers will make sure your dog receives plenty of fresh water, breed-specific exercise and social interaction. At the end of the visit, you will receive a detailed written report on how the adventure went.

Adventure Hikes for Dogs

We are excited to introduce our newest service: adventure hikes for dogs! While these four-hour dog hikes are most appropriate for larger breeds, they can be adapted to suit nearly any type of dog. Let your dog loose with our skilled dog walkers, and we’ll make sure to give them the time of their life, with plenty of pictures taken along the way! All our of “tour guides” are trained in taking care of your furry friend. Take advantage of our introductory promotion, and you will receive a 50% off discount on your first hike.

Pet Sitting

We know how hard it can be to leave your pets home alone during vacations and weekend getaways, but there are options to keep your furry friends comfortable and happy until you make it back home. Our loving pet sitters will assist with walks, playtime, feedings, medications, litter scooping – not to mention the endless kisses, pets and belly rubs. We can also bring in your mail, rotate your lights, put out the trash and water your plants to give you peace of mind, all free of charge. You can expect an update after every visit.