Pet safety on New Year’s Eve

It’s time to watch the ball drop again and ring in a new year, but don’t forget to secure your pets before the party starts. It’s not unusual for animal shelters to see three times more lost pets than normal after New Years. The most common issue is animals will run away when they feel freaked out enough, and there’s plenty to freak out even the most even-tempered pet during this time of year.

We don’t want you to start 2017 with a tragedy—read on to find out how to reduce noise-anxiety and keep your pets safe during this New Year’s Eve.

Plan ahead for your pet’s comfort

If you’re going out to a loud event or fireworks display, it is probably best to leave your furry loved ones at home. It’s also a good idea to avoid bringing your pet along to places where dangerous food and drink might be available to them. Click here to read our guide on how long your pet can be safely left at home alone.

If you’re having a party at your place, consider blocking off a quiet room so your pet can take shelter. You can also make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise before the sun goes down, so that hopefully they’ll be too exhausted to get anxious.

Reduce your pet’s anxiety

If your pet is crate-trained, leaving them in their crate with plenty of water is one of the best ways to create a feeling of safety. You can also confine your cat or dog in a small room where they cannot get into much mischief. Playing calm music or using a white noise machine can go a long way to calming down your pet. If you have time, look into desensitization training to help your pet stay calm during noisy celebrations.

There are supplements and treats available to help lessen anxiety in cats and dogs. We recommend rubbing a small amount of lavender oil on your pet’s collar, or stopping by one of Denver’s many independent pet stores to stock up on supplies. Mouthfuls (4224 Tennyson St) offers various treats and CBD supplements. You can also check out Simpawtico (4500 W 38th Ave, Suite 110) to pick up a new toy or puzzle to keep your furry buddies occupied. Pro Tip: A little peanut butter or catnip can go a long way.

Prepare for the worst

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes come undone, so it’s always best to be ready for the worst-case scenario. Make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip are up to date, especially if you have recently moved or changed your phone number. Have current pictures of your pet from various angles ready, just in case they manage to slip away from you somehow.

If your dog is a huge flight risk, dress them in a sweater for the night so they’ll stay warm if they happen to get lost. Never run after your pet in pursuit—they think you’re chasing them and will run faster. Just calmly walk or drive after your pet, calling their name and offering food or treats if possible.

Final thoughts…

You know your cat or dog better than anyone, so consider your individual situation when making plans. Every situation is different. If you adopted a new pet over the holidays and are still getting to know them, be sure to check back here next week for our guide to taking care of new pets.

Do you need a last minute pet-sitter or dog-walker? Give us a call—we can help with all that and more!

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