Dog parks in Denver

Best Dog Parks in Denver:

Looking for a dog park in Denver? There are many to choose from, each with their own advantages. While regular walks are extremely beneficial for your dog’s health, dog parks have the special benefit of allowing pups to play free from the restriction of being on a leash. Inside the dog park’s fenced, secure areas, you can take your dog off the leash and let him run, chase balls, play, roll around in the dirt or whatever else he enjoys. The freedom of a dog park excursion helps your dog’s mind stay interested and active while also improving their health through the opportunity for further exercise. Zoologie provides dog walking services as well as playtime for your pup, so if you’d like your dog to experience any of these parks but you’re just too busy, give us a call and we’ll take care of everything. Here’s our list of some of the best dog parks in Denver to enjoy with your furry best friend:

Railyard Dog Park

This northwest Denver dog park has two separate fenced, off­leash areas for your dogs to frolic, play and socialize. One area is for larger, high­ energy dogs, while the other area is for smaller, low­ energy dogs. While the park is a bit on the small size, it’s convenient and provides a nice space for Denver dog owners in the area to bring their pets. One unusual thing about the park is that it’s primarily sandy soil rather than grass. There’s a water fountain, shaded areas and benches if you need a break. You might get a bit dusty taking your pet here, but the dogs love it.

Fuller Dog Park

This Denver dog park is mid-sized with one full acre of dirt and grass for dogs to enjoy. The off­leash area is fully fenced, but some dog owners have reported smaller dogs squeezing through the fence posts, so be cautious if you have a tiny pup. There are no human restrooms, so be sure to take care of business before you arrive. There isn’t any shade, but if you’re looking for a quiet place to bring your dog, it’s a nice space that’s usually not too crowded.

Berkeley Dog Park

If you’re in the Highlands area and searching for a nearby dog park in northwest Denver, be sure to check out Berkeley Dog Park. Located off of I­70 and Sheridan, the park is easy to access and convenient. Though loud with lots of noise from nearby street traffic, the scenery at the park is beautiful and includes a lake that’s off­limits but lovely, nonetheless. Berkeley Dog Park is two acres, so it’s considerably larger than some of the other parks in the area. The off­leash areas are divided into two separate sections, one for active play and one for calm play. The gravel ground covering is nice, as it helps keep pups from getting too dusty or muddy while they play.

Kennedy Dog Park

Located in southeast Denver near the Kennedy Golf Course, Kennedy Dog Park boasts a three­acre, fenced area where you can let your dogs play off­leash. The dog park is mainly dirt with patches of weeds and grass for dogs to sniff and explore. One of the most popular parks in the area, Kennedy Dog Park has become a bit of a social scene where dog owners come to chat and make friends while their dogs get some exercise and play together. There’s a separate area for smaller or low­ energy dogs, so if your pup is on the shy side, no worries.

Dog Park Rules

All Denver dog parks are free and are open from sunrise to sunset, and all of them adhere to the same set of standard rules. Dogs are expected to be kept on leashes until they’re safely inside the fenced ­in enclosures, and they should be supervised and accompanied by their owner at all times. Also, all dogs must have a current rabies vaccination and be licensed, as well as spayed or neutered. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets, and violators can be fined and prosecuted. If you want your dog to enjoy the benefits of Denver dog parks but you just don’t have the time, Zoologie will be happy to play with your pooch.

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