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In Colorado, we love our pets, especially dogs (just visit a city park one summer afternoon and you’ll see what we mean). On sunny days, we gravitate toward dog-friendly patios and hikes with our four-legged friends. We shop trendy pet boutiques, have play dates at dog parks and pamper our pups at self-serve dog washes. It’s not always easy, though; our lives are so busy that sometimes we can barely find time to eat lunch at our desk, much less make it home to take our dog for a walk. And since Colorado is one big playground, we’re also called to the great outdoors: hiking, cycling, skiing and everything in between. With so many adventures at our fingertips (and meetings on our calendar), we don’t always have quality time to spend with our beloved pets.

That’s where we come in! Here at Zoologie, we know just how precious your pets are. We know you treat them like family and would take them everywhere if you could. As a matter of fact, we’re in the same boat! Our founder, Danyell Sampson, has owned pets throughout her entire life (she has three dogs, a cat and a menagerie of reptiles). She’s a certified vet tech who grew up fostering and rescuing pets in need. As a busy woman herself, she saw a need for quality dog walkers and pet sitters in the Denver metro area. Thanks to her passion and entrepreneurial spirit, Zoologie has been filling that need in our community for nearly five years.

We’re a female-dominated business of animal lovers with that small, family business feel that’s so hard to come by these days. We’re all pet lovers and pet owners, so we understand how scary it can be to leave your babies in the hands of someone else. Our mission? To make your life easier and keep your pets safe, happy and comfortable. Our services go beyond a quick pat on the head and walk around the block. We’ll spend quality time with your pets, complete with playtime, cuddling and belly rubs. If your pet is on medication or has special feeding times, our caring staff will make sure everything stays right on schedule. We’ll even bring in your mail and take out the trash at no extra cost. How’s that for customer service? Our rates start at just $15 for a 25-minute visit and $10 for a 15-minute walk.

Lack of exercise can contribute to destructive behaviors, and no one likes a chewed up shoe or sofa cushion. Let us help! A daily walk will make sure your four-legged friend gets the exercise they need. At the end of the day, they’ll be calmer, happier and ready for some cuddle time with their favorite human friends (that means you!). You’ll be less stressed knowing that someone is checking on them during the day, so it’s truly a win-win for everyone. If you’re away for longer periods, having someone checking on your house can help deter crime, too. Your to-do list is long enough, so why worry? Our job is to make your life easier.

Pets love the great outdoors, too. So many scents! So many squirrels! After all those romps in the park, a bath is definitely in order. Lucky for you, we offer full service grooming, including pick up and drop off (within a designated service area, of course)! Our groomer, Roxy, is friendly, patient and an overall rock star! We like to call her the local “dog whisperer”. She’s been in business for 10 years and runs a fully licensed pet-grooming studio out of her home in Highlands Square. This gal knows her stuff – she’s always going the extra mile to make sure your pup is looking their best. Baths and haircuts start at just $35, depending on the size and breed. You can choose a quick wash and go, or a breed specific haircut. Your four-legged friend will get the star treatment: a nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and de-shedding treatment. After a thorough blow-dry, they’ll even get a cute bow or bandana, perfect for snapping a quick pic and sharing on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll get lots of likes – trust us.

If you’re new to the world of pet sitting, you probably have lots of questions. And that’s okay! At Zoologie, we know it can be a bit nerve-wracking to trust a new person with your home and your pets. We want to put your mind at ease! Every new client goes through an initial meet and greet in the client’s home – pets and all. It’s important that your pets have a chance to meet us and that everyone involved feels comfortable and excited about the process. We’re pretty sure it’ll be a match made in heaven, but if you decide it’s not for you, don’t worry, the initial visit is always free of charge.

Although our online reviews are glowing (check us out on Yelp!), we understand you might need more information on our background and qualifications. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt our feelings! We’ve obtained certification through Pet Sitters International, a leading organization in the pet sitting industry that’s been in business for over 20 years. All of our staff has been thoroughly trained and background-checked and we’re fully licensed, insured and bonded. Emergencies happen, so rest easy knowing that we’re also certified in pet CPR and First Aid through PetTech. Your pets are in good hands – we promise!

By now you might realize that Zoologie is a full-service business. We can help out everyone, from the frequent traveler to the busy professional who has to stay late at work from time to time. And while our services usually cater to dogs and cats, we don’t discriminate! All critters, including small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and even livestock are welcome. We pride ourselves on the quality care we can provide for you, your home and your pets. Our goal is to go above and beyond wherever possible. It’s all in the little things, whether that be a pet report card (Did Fido go potty? We’ll tell you!) or even a surprise treat bag. As a small business, we also recognize the importance of community and try to help out our neighbors as much as we can. In the past, we’ve helped support local rescues and businesses in an effort to pay it forward. For us, it’s the animals that matter – not the profits.

We’re no strangers to the competition, either; one quick drive through town and you’re sure to pass multiple boarding facilities or dog groomers. But at Zoologie, we dare to stand out from the rest. Plans change? No sweat, you won’t find any cancellation fees here. Last minute trip? Pack your bags – we’re flexible and always available at a moment’s notice. If you’re on a budget (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days?), you’ll be pleased to know we don’t charge for multiple pets, either. It’s never been easier to give your pets top-notch care at an affordable price.

Your pets are important members of your family and deserve the best care possible. With the beautiful Colorado fall right around the corner, it can be difficult to juggle work, friends and outdoor activities. But your pets don’t have to suffer – that’s where Zoologie can come to the rescue! Our friendly staff can help ease your mind by offering full-service pet care, whether you need someone to take your pup for a quick walk around the block or stay overnight in your home. We’re dedicated, qualified and committed to offering superior customer service at every turn. And the best part? It won’t break the bank. We pride ourselves on flexible, friendly service and will care for your pets as if they were our own.

Ready to get started? Great! Check out our website for more information on our coverage area, services, prices and more (spoiler alert – we also have a gallery full of adorable furry and feathered clients). We’re tech savvy, too: like us on Facebook, heart our pics on Instagram, follow us on Twitter and check out our Pinterest board. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our staff is friendly, helpful and responsive. Give Danyell a call at 303-915-5103 and she’ll be happy to help! We look forward to serving you and your pets soon.

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